Topper's Pizza Story

Homemade Taste...

What makes our pizza so Amazingly Delicious™? We hear all the time that our pizza tastes like it's truly homemade – each slice packed with authentic flavor pleasantly unexpected from neighbourhood takeout or delivery.

Fresh Ingredients...

  • Savory sauce crafted from hand-picked, farm-fresh tomatoes and infused with 100% virgin olive oil
  • Our rich, flavourful mozzarella cheese comes from specially selected, local dairy farms
  • Each vegetable topping that we serve is of the highest quality and also grown on local farms in surrounding communities
  • From the pepperoni to the Italian sausage, only the finest quality meats make the cut

And one tiny, little secret.

There is one thing in particular that sets our pizza apart, and it's something that no one else has. Here's a hint: it's all about the crust. Here's another one: it's a four-generation legacy.
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