School Nutrition

Exceeding Standards

As you are already aware, the Government of Ontario has recently introduced new standards for healthy eating in schools.

We want to assure you that a typical lunch size slice/portion of Topper’s Cheese and/or Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza meets or exceeds the new Nutrition Standards for Ontario Schools in all categories including protein, fibre, sodium, saturated fat and overall fat. Under these new standards, our pizza falls under the Nutritional Criteria “Sell Most” category – a category which must make up at least 80 per cent of all food choices that are available on school premises.

The new legislation will not put an end to school pizza days. It is about bringing balance and moderation to fight childhood obesity. We at Topper’s support this healthier approach … remember, we are parents too. Schools have an important role to play in helping students lead healthier lives. Topper’s is here to help.

Mixed Dishes With a Nutrition Facts Table
Sell Most (≥80%) - Nutrition Criteria
Fat: ≤ 10g • Saturated fat: ≤ 5g • Sodium: ≤ 960mg • Fibre: ≥ 2g • Protein ≥ 10g

Our menu has recently expanded and we now offer many additional healthier options, all of which are available to schools: Multi-Grain Crust, Thin Crust, Turkey Pepperoni, Moderate Cheese.

We continue to adhere to the Education Act’s Trans Fat Prohibition (introduced in 2008) and our pizza remains Trans Fat-Free and Nut-Free (even our basil pesto is completely nut-free). In keeping with Topper’s “Best Pizza Ever” philosophy, we only use real Canadian lower fat Mozzarella Cheese and the freshest meats and vegetables on our Authentic ItalianBread Crust™ (crust made daily from freshly prepared dough).

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