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At Topper’s, our Amazingly Delicious™ pizza has a way of making headlines. Of course, we do other newsworthy deeds, too. Read all about it below.

Oct 26, 2016
CATALYST communications choreography
New Franchise Opens to Record Breaking Numbers More
Sep 7, 2016
CATALYST communications choreography
Each month we’ll feature one of our amazing franchise owners, sharing stories about what brought them to the Topper’s Pizza Franchise and how they stay connected in their own communities. At Topper’s Pizza, we strive to help our Franchise owners live out our brand commitment to making Topper’s Pizza our customers’ favourite neighbourhood pizzeria! More
Aug 8, 2016
Industry Magazine
In recent years increasing awareness of healthy eating has changed the way Canadians see food. From snacking, to dining out, to the consumption of fast food, the way people eat is shifting. In this month’s Famous Canadian Brands series, CIO looks at Topper’s Pizza, a family business that has tapped into Canadians’ cravings for a better pizza experience. More
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