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Kirkland Lake owner excited for new growth opportunities with pizza franchise

Mar 9, 2017
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Kirkland Lake owner excited for new growth opportunities with pizza franchise

Meet: Hareen Desai

Location: Topper’s Lake - Kirkland Lake 150 Government Rd. W, Unit 250A

The new Kirkland Lake franchise owner, Hareen Desai, brings a passion for growth and opportunity with this newest Topper’s location in northern Ontario.

1) What brought you to the Topper's franchise?

I was interested in starting a business in northern Ontario and, in my search, I did not find a better name than Topper’s! I came to Canada with my family in 2014 looking for a great opportunity. As a successful commercial banker in India, I pursued similar roles here but wasn’t satisfied with opportunities in the banking sector. I wanted to be a part of something with lots of room for growth. I knew that if banking didn’t work, then I would consider the restaurant business as people will always eat! I am pleased through Topper’s to be able to employ 30 people with potential for career growth and hope to open other Topper’s Pizza locations in the future as well.

2) How has Topper’s Pizza been received in Kirkland Lake?

We have had a great response from the community. The first week of being open we were crazy busy! There has been great support from head office, from the owners and from trainers, and each and every employee is excited to be working for Topper’s.

3) What are some of your values as a Topper’s Pizza franchise owner?

I enjoy ‘working on the floor’ with my staff and I try to always put my employees first. I believe if I take care of my employees then they will take care of the business. I also ensure that we provide excellent customer service and seek feedback from customers regularly. Community involvement is also important, so that we are giving back to the community we are a part of.

Order Online: www.toppers.ca/kirklandlake


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