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New Vaughan Location says Toronto is Ready for Topper’s Pizza!

Jan 25, 2017
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Franchisee Nil Patel


Meet:                   Nilkumar Patel

Location:             Topper’s Pizza – Vaughan *new location opened November 24th

(Hwy 27 and Milani Boulevard)


New Vaughan franchise owner, Nilkumar Patel, brings a background in foodservice and business as the manager of the first Toronto 7/11 to sell hot food and fried chicken. Here he shares how he became sold on the Topper’s Pizza brand and why he thinks it is a perfect fit for the Vaughan market!

1) What brought you to the Topper’s Franchise?

I was interested in going into a pizza franchise, I used to operate a 7/11 and it was my delivery guy who recommended that I look into the Topper’s Pizza brand. I had never heard of the brand before that.  And so, I went to the Georgetown location, tried the pizza, and knew it was the right choice!  It had both the taste and quality that people want.  I tried it a few more times before making the decision, and the taste and quality was consistent, each and every time. 

This helped to finalize my decision. I liked the fact that it was a family recipe, and it was a great quality pizza.  I knew I wanted to bring the taste of Topper’s Pizza to Vaughan.

2) How do you feel the Vaughan community will react to the brand?

Vaughan is an interesting community. The people, that came from the North, know about Topper’s Pizza. Most have already tried it either in Aurora or Barrie, so they are already familiar with the taste and they want it here.   Wherever we go, to City Hall to get my drawings and mappings, people know about Topper’s Pizza and many have had friends or relatives who have tried it.  On the other hand, there are individuals who came more from the southern Ontario, downtown Toronto, who are not yet familiar with the Topper’s Pizza brand.  It is our job to get them to taste the product, so that they will want to come back for more. 

3) How did your role at 7/11 prepare you to be a franchise owner at Topper’s Pizza?

Working as a manager at the Vaughan 7/11, helped me identify both the needs of the Vaughan community while also providing experience in food handling.  The location I worked at was the first one to sell hot food and fried chicken in the Toronto area. So essentially, my role was a food handling manager. We sold 2,000 food items every single day.  This provided me with a great experience in the food industry, I know the taste of quality food and what the Vaughan customer is looking for.  These individuals want food that they can grab quickly, they don’t want to have to wait. But they expect good quality. It is about providing fast, exceptional customer service and great food.

Order now at www.toppers.ca/woodbridge.


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