We're Raising Dough! Fundraising Program

Topper's Pizza is proud to be a part of your community. We have developed a program that will enable your organization to raise money very easily.

For every We're Raising Dough Large One-Topping Pizza Card sold by your organization, Topper's Pizza will donate $3.00 of the proceeds towards your fundraising efforts.

These simple steps will assist you in running a successful fundraiser:

  • 1Begin by purchasing the We're Raising Dough cards from Topper's Pizza for $10.00 each.
  • 2Simply divide the cards among the people in your organization that will be raising funds for you.
  • 3Keep track of who gets what by using the tracking sheets that we provide.
  • 4Your organization then sells the cards for $13.00 each; expect to receive $13 for every card.
  • 5From each card sold your organization earns $3.00.
  • 6To avoid confusion, one person should be in charge of collecting all the monies.
  • 7Any cards that are not sold must be returned to the person in charge.
  • 8Please work out details regarding unsold cards with Topper's Pizza.
  • 9Please let people buying the cards know that the We're Raising Dough cards can only be redeemed in the town or city from which they are purchased.
  • 10Please note that the We're Raising Dough cards are valid on Pick-Up orders only.

It's that simple! Please contact your local Topper's Pizza location for additional details and information.

For a printable information poster, please click here.