Customer Testimonials

Why is a great pizza experience so important?

Because it makes our Customers happy! And we love making people happy. Happiness is satisfaction, and we satisfy people because it’s our mission. Here’s what customers, like you, have been saying...

"We like your thin crust which is very difficult to get anywhere else. It's just about as good as the thin crusts you get in Italy. The toppings are also more generous than at other pizza places."

Jeff O., Guelph South

“I enjoy a classic pizza with quality ingredients. Being able to add herbs and spices to our pizza at no cost is something no other pizza offers. Quick delivery and always friendly service. Thanks Topper's, signed your neighbour.”

Tyler A., Hamilton - Rymal

“The pizza was delivered within a decent time frame, was delicious and tasted like real toppings! The service was great, too, as was the online ordering system.”

Bobby U., Oakville

“Pizzas are most tasty! Free toppings wonderful!! The original Toppazinni (sp?) recipe was one my Italian Mother (now 88 yrs old) loved as a child, as Mr. Toppazinni's bakery was in my Mom's home town of Copper Cliff, Ontario! As fate would have it, Topper's is just around the corner from me in Newmarket - talk about full circle experiences!!”

Karen B., Newmarket

“Love that I can order online from work, and have my pizza ready to pick up on the way home. The pizza has been consistently well made, and there are quite a few interesting specialty pizzas to choose from.”

Fred K., Kitchener

“Your service is fantastic and very friendly, and your food is delicious. In fact, out of all the pizza places out there, your crust is the only one my son will eat! We have a new favorite pizza place. Thank you!”

Heather S., Ottawa - Barrhaven

“The food is always great! We have had lots of issues with Topper's, but in all honesty, they have always out done themselves when they try to make it right. I love Topper's.”

Nicky M., Sudbury - King St.

“I really love the Topperati, there is nothing that tastes like that! I also found that the freshness of the ingredients as well as the taste was excellent.”

Alex T., Milton

“It's the best tasting pizza ever! Love the crust, love the sauce, love the toppings!”

Kevin C., Barrie - Bryne

“The pizza was delicious, it was delivered in an appropriate amount of time, and getting a sticker each time we buy a pizza is a great bonus”

Nicole W., Guelph South

“It tasted really good, and I like how you have the pizza tracker online! It makes things easy so you know when the pizza is on its way so your prepared! Keep up the good work! :)”

Elisha H., St. Thomas