Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our contests. Check back often for announcements about new contests or LIKE us on FACEBOOK to get notified and participate in the latest contests! Congratulations to the following customers who won Amazingly Awesome prizes in recent contests!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game & Large Pepperoni Pizza (November - December 2014)

Weekly FREE Game & Pizza Winners:

          • L. L'Heureux of Val Therese 
          • J. Daggett of Markstay
          • T. St-Louis of Chelmsford
          • J. Allard of Chelmsford
          • B. Spencer of Burlington
          • S. Hume of Belleville
          • M. Young of Chelmsford
          • T. Jeffery of Scarborough
          • R. Hitchings of Oshawa
          • L. Therrien of Sudbury
          • A. Cunningham of Orillia
          • S. Punkari of Sudbury
          • M. Michaud of Sudbury
          • C. Mohns of Capreol
          • M. Kannon of Barrie
          • J. Allman of Chelmsford
          • A. Yaw of Sudbury 
          • A. Wikiruk of Sudbury
          • E. Marsolais of Sudbury
          • M. Bruder of Kitchener
          • A. Smith of Ottawa
          • D. Viianen-Franklin of Chelmsford
          • J. Robb of New Hamburg
          • M. Giroux of Val Therese
          • B. Spry of St. Catharines
          • K. Andonian of Ottawa
          • J. Byrnes of Hanmer

Topper's Pizza Night in Canada Contest (April - June 2014)

Weekly FREE Pizza Winners:

  • W. Collinson of Sudbury 
  • D. Kenny of Timmins
  • C. Grace of Sudbury 
  • K. Mirabelli of Ottawa
  • R. Kerr of Burlington
  • A. Allison of Gore Bay
  • P. Bell of Chelmsford
  • N. Adzic of Newmarket
  • M. Goulet of Ottawa
  • R. Wereszczynsky of Sudbury
  • J. Allison of Gore Bay
  • D. Oleary of Oshawa
  • M. Tellier of Elliot Lake
  • D. Johnston of North Bay
  • M. Fowers of Ottawa 
  • S. Shanks of Barrie
  • D. Chorney of Timmins
  • L. Thorn of Wasaga Beach

Grand Prize (Topper's Pizza Party - 10 Medium 3 Topping Pizzas)

  • J. Mulder of Oro-Medonte
  • K. Pope of Whitby
  • V. Sauve of Sudbury

Topper’s Bold BBQ “Rib-ilicious” Contest (Jan. - March 2014)

FREE ($15 gift card) + FREE Large Pizza:

  • M. McMasterxo of Trenton, ON
  • B. Miller of Belleville, ON
  • L. Reid of Toronto, ON
  • C. Gladu of Sudbury, ON
  • C. Hurst of Cambridge, ON

Grand Prize ($50 gift card)

  • D. Beirnes of Newmarket, ON

SickKids Pizza Party Contest  (November 2013):

In conjunction with SickKids Foundation, Topper’s gave away $10 pizza packages plus 2 Grand Prize winners of a $50 gift card redeemable for a Kids’ Pizza Party!

  • P. McCracken of Sudbury ON
  • D. James of Whitby, ON

Topper's Pizza Aurora Customer Appreciation Day (Sept. 28, 2013):

Winners of FREE Pizza for a Year

  • J. Costa
  • M. Kemp
  • C. McIndoo
  • D. Hynes
  • H. Wilson
  • C. Lacroix
  • S. Neoman
  • K. D’Aguiar
  • D. Rutledge
  • R. Bartos
  • P. Mundinger
  • L. D’Aguiar
  • J. Reye
  • M. Corrian
  • P. Kostopoulos
  • B. Simmonds
  • C. Karrandjas
  • R. Schobesberger
  • D. Gonsalves

Winner of $25 GIFT CARD

  • L. Laverdure

Winner of $50 GIFT CARD

  • A. Madeen

Winners of FREE Pizza Vouchers

  • B. Rosen
  • G. Murphy
  • K. McLean
  • S. Bucciol
  • C. Matthews


Congratulations to the winners from Topper's Pizza Brantford Customer Appreciation Day (September 21, 2013):


  • A & L Karolyi of Brantford


  • H. Visheau of Brantford

Winners of a FREE medium 3-Topping Pizza

  • J. Payne of Brantford
  • M. Barrieau of Brantford
  • T. Whyte of  Brantford
  • E. Connell of Brantford
  • D. Cole of Brantford

All Topper’s Rewards club members were eligible to win in the Summer 2013 Contest.  Congratulations to the following Rewards club winners:


  • T. Clausi of Barrie, ON
  • C. Laidlaw of Brampton, ON
  • M. Forsyth of Sudbury, ON
  • C. Chilvers of Guelph, ON
  • A. Morgan of Guelph, ON
  • A. Deacon of Guelph, ON
  • P. Madden of Aurora, ON
  • B. Elliott of Barrie, ON
  • J. Charette of Val Caron, ON
  • J. Van Doesbury of Whitby, ON
  • A. Szmyr of Oshawa, ON
  • M. Harvey of Guelph, ON
  • G. Gibson of Oakville, ON
  • M. Hillie of Cambridge, ON
  • S. Grainger of North Bay, ON
  • M. Wendell of Belleville, ON
  • S. Hardy of Burlington, ON
  • B. Irvine of Hamilton, ON
  • T. Hamer of Whitby, ON
  • T.Reave of Burlington, ON


  • N. Cote of Timmins, ON
  • C. Veinot of Levack, ON


  • N. Marshall of Sudbury, ON
  • J. Belanger of Sudbury, ON
  • A. Shawanda of Birch Island, ON
  • D. Kenny of Timmins, ON
  • J. Muraca of Stoney Creek, ON
  • M. Tarsia of Nepean, ON
  • J. Peirson of Hamilton, ON
  • M. Amato of Orangeville, ON
  • T. Legault of Elliot Lake, ON

North Bay Customer Appreciation Day – May 30, 2013

Congratulations to the North Bay customers who won one of the following prizes:

  • 20 prizes of FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR
  • 200 gift bags full of goodies
  • Free food samples
  • A prize / gift for every customer between 11am-3pm

April 29, 2013- Pizza Making Genius Contest 2013

Drum roll please... announcing the winner as chosen by the Rock 95 Morning Crew.

THE GRAND PRIZE IS AWARDED TO CHRIS FRYER of Orangeville with his recipe for a MEDITERRANEAN CHICKEN PIZZA. Congratulations, Chris! You’re a Pizza Making Genius!

Special kudos go out to the top Facebook winners, Irvin A. (Sudbury) for his PHILLY CHEESE STEAK PIZZA recipe, and Christina Y. (Ottawa) for her HONEY GARLIC PIZZA recipe.  Both entrants also WIN FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR.

Congratulations and a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THESE SEMI-FINALISTS who each received 2 FREE Large Deluxe pizzas and Topper’s Dip:

  • Dimitrios S. of Burlington
  • Lyne P. of Sudbury
  • Rick L. of Collingwood
  • John S. of Orangeville
  • Kris T. of Sudbury

March 2, 2013 - Free Pizza for a Year Winners (Grand Opening Kitchener-Waterloo)

  • Qwynedd MacLoed
  • Basia Wakil
  • Rebecca Colwill
  • Evan Clark
  • Ben Weber
  • Pat Tuckett
  • Brad Bristol
  • Meghan Pratten
  • Rachel Konnerth
  • Justin Temple
  • Gumaici Niu
  • Mark Temple
  • Fred Schultz
  • Mark Wylie
  • Anu Onasanyui
  • Art Stager
  • Jamie Tran
  • Cole Wendland
  • Mark Vanstone
  • Brian Boville
  • Franco Gallizzi
  • Jeff Bentley
  • Gary Grubb
  • Sue Bolger
  • Michelle Dimmock
  • Erich Hill
  • Banna Kahssay
  • Shelly Van Mill
  • Esther O'Hern
  • Viki Scarpone
  • Blake Hagedurn

October 2012 – Topper’s Rewards $100 Gift Card Contest

  • Cindy Wells of Oshawa, ON

November 2012 – FREE Pizza for a Year Contest to celebrate “Under New Management” (Topper’s Georgetown)

  • Lisa Pag
  • Brian Hamm
  • Kersten Samolczyk
  • Barb Martin
  • Liz Haller
  • Ed & Tammy Pereira
  • Maureen Chiasson
  • Steven Damphousse
  • Tom Prong
  • Paul Bryan
  • Dave Brown
  • Dave Raposeiro
  • Amie Reid
  • Graeme MacKenzie
  • Colin Davidson
  • Wendy Johnson
  • M. Goodkey
  • Margaret Lizon
  • Diane Murray-Charrett
  • Nicole Walker
  • Todd Showalter
  • Steve Coghill
  • Sheri McLaughlin
  • Daryl Chambers

November 2012 – FREE Pizza for a Year Contest to celebrate Topper’s Rymal Rd.’s 1st Anniversary (Hamilton)

  • Sheldon & Chris, the guys who slept in their car overnight!
  • Louie Lavella
  • Nick Udall
  • Vanessa Hewitt
  • Lora Baliva