2018 BYO Pricing

Build Your Own (50-520 Casl/slice. Includes Crust, Sauce & Cheese)
  • GMO and Trans Fat-Free Crust
    Ultra Thin (MED & LG only)
    Whole Wheat Crust
    Regular (SM, MED, LG)
    Thin (MED, LG)
    Gluten-Friendly Cauli-Crust
    Regular (M Only)
    Add $3.50 to price
    Cheesy Choices
    Extra cheese
    Mozzarella cheese
    Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese blend
    Feta cheese
    Asiago cheese
    100% Parmesan Cheese
    Dairy-Free Vegan Cheese
  • Free Toppings - Customize
    Montreal steak spice (0 Cals/slice)
    Garlic butter crust 
    (60-120 Cals/slice)
    Medium sauce (5-10 Cals/slice)
    Hot sauce (5-10 Cals/slice)
    Topper's Bold BBQ sauce 
    (15 Cals/slice)
    Ranch (60 Cals/slice)
    Topper's Sweet & Spicy Thai
    (10-15 Cals/slice) 
    Italian herbs (0 Cals/slice)
    Garlic + herb seasoning 
    (0 Cals/slice)
    Chili peppers (0 Cals/slice)
    Savoury Meat Toppings
    Turkey pepperoni (5-10 Cals/slice)
    Shaved steak* (10-15 Cals/slice)
    Boneless (breaded) chicken* 
    (20-25 Cals/slice)
    Pepperoni (20-30 Cals/slice)
    Chicken strips* (10 Cals/slice)
    Italian sausage (10-15 Cals/slice)
    Ham (5-10 Cals/slice)
    Bacon (15-20 Cals/slice)
    Ground beef (10-15 Cals/slice)
    Sliced Meatballs* (30-40 Cals/slice)
    *Counts as 2 toppings
  • Veggie Toppings
    Fresh Basil (0 Cals/slice)
    Mushrooms (0 Cals/slice)
    Green Peppers (0 Cals/slice)
    Olives (green or kalamata) 
    (5-10 Cals/slice)
    Sweet red onions (0-5 Cals/slice)
    Tomatoes (0 Cals/slice)
    Roasted red peppers (0 Cals/slice)
    Pineapple (5 Cals/slice)
    Hot peppers (0 Cals/slice)
    Jalapeño peppers (0 Cals/slice)
    Spanish white onions (0-5 Cals/slice)
    Crust Sauces
    Tomato (0 Cals/slice)
    Garlic Butter (70-150 Cals/slice)
    Crispy Olive Oil 
    Topper's Bold BBQ Sauce 
    (30 Cals/slice)
    Creamy Tomato + Garlic Pizza Base 
    (30-40 Cals/slice)
    Basil Pesto (nut free) 
    (15-20 Cals/slice)

    NOTE: Calories for toppings are additional

Price May Vary

Adults and youth (ages 13 and older) need an average of 2,000 calories a day, and children (ages 4 to 12) need an average of 1,500 calories a day. However, individual needs vary.